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স্ংগ্ৰাহক:- পলাশ ডেকা

স্ংগ্ৰাহক:- পলাশ ডেকা

MAKHIBAHA is a historical village passing through so many years with many historic events. It is said that in later 14th century,  Sree Sree sankardev’s  ancestor   Gadadhar bhuyan was the “BHUYAN”  of its nearby area. At that time it was surrounded by jungle and these jungle are full of bees which is in assamese called “mou-makhi” and so the name of the village is MAKHIBAHA.


 This village is under Tihu Police Station, Nalbari (Assam). The village is approximately 90 Km away from Guwahati, 20 kms away from Nalbari, and 3kms away from Tihu Railway station. Pin code  781374.


The +26° 26′ 26.62″north longtitude and +91° 15′ 50.81″ east latitude go through the village MAKHIBAHA. (Cited from, Google Maps)


 There are 21th neighbouring chubas in MAKHIBAHA. The population of MAKHIBAHA is approximately 15,000. The most of the people,in this village depend upon agriculture.



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