স্ংগ্ৰাহক:  পলাশ ডেকা

স্ংগ্ৰাহক: পলাশ ডেকা

  MAKHIBAHA is a historical village passing through so many years with many historic events. It is said that in later 14th century,  Sree Sree sankardev’s  ancestor   Gadadhar bhuya was the “BHUYA”  of its nearby area. At that time it was surrounded by jungle and these jungle are full of bees which is in assamese called “mou-makhi” and so the name of the village is MAKHIBAHA.

This village is under Tihu Police Station, Nalbari (Assam). The village is 90 KM away from Guwahati, 20 kms away from Nalbari, and 3kms away from Tihu Railway station. Pin code  781374.

The +26° 26′ 26.62″north longtitude and +91° 15′ 50.81″ east latitude go through the village Makhibaha. (Cited from, Google Maps)

There are 21th neighbouring chubas in MAKHIBAHA. The population of MAKHIBAHA is approximately 15,000. The most of people,in this village depend upon agriculture . A large number of them are also  engaged at government sectors and few in business. There are no less no. when we count the no of doctors , engineer and graduated officer.

The educational envioronment of MAKHIBAHA was started at 15th century i.e when british does not entered even in INDIA and till today the MAKHIBAHA habitant has been able to go with this proud. MAKHIBAHA concluded fifteen primary school, one higher secondary school  including both science and arts stream, one girls high school one venture high school, one Swaraswati sikhu niketan, one Jatiya Bidyalaya and one govt. technical school named as B K S Motor Driving  School.

The village is surrounded with four borders:-

  • Tihu in north
  • Kshetri Dharmapur and Bhojkuchi in south
  • Haribhanga in east and
  • Jalkhana in west.


Many evidence is found about Makhibaha to be rich in culture.  Makhibaha  has a indifferent identification in  various artistic presentation such as BHAIRA, OJAPALI, BAYON, PUTALA NAS, THIYANAM, NAGARANAM, SANGKIRTAN, NATYAKALA etc. Famous artist Kamal Narayan Choudhuri is proud of  Makhibaha.  According to a search of  DY365 in 2012, among the best 10 songs of 100 year, one is sung by Kamal Narayan Choudhuri. Morover, the popular singer  Namita Bhattacharya, Jugabrata Dutta, Bandana Dutta are belong to Makhibaha who make us to feel proud.

Festivals celebrated in MAKHIBAHA

       The main aim of celebratiung  festival is to enclose everyone  with  unity  and also to develop mythological thinking.  With  this wish, the Makhibaha habitant every year celebrate the SHABHA MOHOTSOV which one of the biggest sabha mohotsov of assam and also the SARBOJANIN DURGA PUJA. Besides  every neibouring Chubas celebrate  different festivals such as BHATHELI UTSOV and DHARMASABHA of Kshetrapara,  SANKAR-JAYANTI and BUDDHA-PURNIMA of Choudhuripara, KALI-PUJA of Adhyapakpara,  DOUL-UTSAV  of Barmakhibaha , LAKSHI-PUJA of Nanker and Kukurmara,  FUL-DOUL-UTSOV of Balabari, SHIVA-PUJA of Baisyapara, BUDDHA-PURNIMA of Kamarpara, BISWAKARMA PUJA of Baniapara, NABAGRAHA JAGYA of Santipur, and EID of Musalman Chuba.

Morover,  at BHIM AKADASHI and AKADASHI of every month its  habitant organized sasra path at SHREE SHREE HARI MANDIR.


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